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Why Choose Hongsen Motorized Regulating Valve

October 07,2023

Electric control valves are important executing unit instruments in industrial automation process control.

With the increasing level of automation in the industrial field, it is being increasingly applied in various industrial production fields. Compared with traditional pneumatic control valves, electric control valves have obvious advantages: energy-saving (only consuming electrical energy during operation), environmentally friendly (no carbon emissions), fast and convenient installation (without the need for complex pneumatic pipelines and pump workstations). Valves are divided into three types based on the power used by the actuator they are equipped with, including linear characteristics, equal percentage characteristics, and parabolic characteristics according to their functions and characteristics.

Hongsen Motorized Regulating Valve helps you embark on a safe refrigeration journey!

What we bring is not only an ordinary regulating valve, but also a protective tool for safe cooling.

Hongsen Electric Control Valve has become the industry's preferred choice for its excellent performance and reliable quality. We are designed specifically for industrial applications, with a maximum working pressure of up to 5.2MPa, which can meet the needs of various refrigeration systems. Adopting new materials and precision welding, ensuring excellent high and low temperature resistance, providing stable and reliable operation for your refrigeration system.


We focus on user experience and adopt a stepper motor drive and controller backup design to ensure the stability and low energy consumption of the electric control valve. Whether it's commercial refrigerated rooms, industrial cooling systems, or air conditioning systems, our electric control valves can accurately adjust the valve opening to achieve precise flow control, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the refrigeration process.


The Hongsen electric control valve plays an important role in various refrigeration scenarios. Whether it's commercial refrigerated rooms, industrial cooling systems, or air conditioning systems, our products can perfectly adapt. From commercial supermarkets' freezers to cooling equipment in food processing factories, from office building air conditioning systems to medical refrigerated warehouses, our electric control valves can provide stable and efficient regulation and control for different industries, ensuring that your safety refrigeration needs are met.


Choosing Hongsen electric control valve is not only a product, but also a guarantee of safety. The unique design features zero pressure differential opening, ensuring that the valve can open normally under any working condition. The bistable low-power design not only reduces energy consumption, but also ensures long-term reliable operation. The compact design and lightweight of large-diameter valves make their installation more convenient and improve work efficiency.


Hongsen Electric Control Valve has won the trust of many customers for its professional and reliable performance. Whether it is a refrigeration equipment manufacturer, engineering contractor, or refrigeration system operator, we adhere to the principle of continuous innovation and high-quality service, and work together with you to create a safe and efficient refrigeration environment.

Hongsen chooses the electric control valve of Hongsen Machinery, and you have chosen a safe and reliable refrigeration partner. Let's work together to achieve perfect control over refrigeration and provide stable support for your business.


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