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Is Selecting the Right Size for Solenoid Valves Crucial?

December 25,2023

Solenoid valves are essential components in refrigeration systems as they control the flow of refrigerant to regulate temperature. However, improper sizing and selection can lead to refrigeration system malfunction. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right size for solenoid valves.


In refrigeration engineering, sizing solenoid valves should be precisely calculated according to actual needs. However, choosing the suitable solenoid valve size is often overlooked. An incorrect selection may cause the solenoid valve unable to open or close properly, affecting the performance and stability of the refrigeration system.

Why Isn't The Cold Storage Temperature Dropping?

Recently, an case about solenoid valves caught our attention. A refrigeration engineer encountered a problem during the debugging of a quick freezing project: when the temperature dropped to around -20℃, the temperature could no longer continue to decrease. Upon careful inspection, it was found that the solenoid valve's coil was functioning correctly, but the refrigerant could not pass through.

After further analysis, the engineer discovered that the problem was due to the selection of the solenoid valve size. The evaporator's refrigeration capacity was relatively small, but the matched solenoid valve size was too large. As the refrigeration process continued, the temperature gradually decreased, and the load also decreased. At this time, the expansion valve began to regulate and gradually close, reducing the refrigerant flow rate. Meanwhile, the pressure difference before and after the solenoid valve gradually decreased. When the pressure difference reached a certain level, the solenoid valve could not open because it was less than the minimum opening pressure differential.

In the above case, the solenoid valve size was too large, causing refrigerant to not circulate, resulting in the inability to further lower the cold storage temperature. This problem not only increases energy consumption and cost but may also seriously affect the refrigeration system, even leading to system failure.


How to Choose the Right Size for Solenoid Valves?

Firstly, it is necessary to understand the operating principles and characteristics of refrigeration systems. In the refrigeration process, refrigerant enters the compressor from the evaporator, undergoes compression and condensation, then enters the evaporator through the expansion valve, completing a cycle. In this process, solenoid valves play a role in controlling the flow rate of refrigerant, ensuring stable operation of the refrigeration system.

Therefore, when selecting the size of the solenoid valve, it is necessary to calculate according to the actual refrigeration capacity. Generally, the larger the size of the solenoid valve, the stronger its flow capacity, but it will also bring greater pressure losses and energy consumption. Therefore, to achieve the best performance and benefits, appropriate solenoid valve sizes should be selected according to actual needs. Specifically, calculations can be made based on the following parameters:

Refrigeration capacity: The refrigeration capacity is the core parameter of the refrigeration system, which determines the flow rate demand of the solenoid valve. Generally, the larger the refrigeration capacity, the larger the solenoid valve size required.

Refrigerant type: Different refrigerants have different physical properties, which also affect the selection of solenoid valves. For example, R22 refrigerant has a large flow rate and correspondingly high flow capacity requirements for solenoid valves.

Pipe diameter and length: The pipe diameter and length also affect the selection of solenoid valves. When designing the refrigeration system, appropriate solenoid valve sizes should be chosen based on the pipe diameter and length.

Operating pressure: The operating pressure is an important parameter that affects the flow capacity of the solenoid valve. In practical applications, calculations should be made based on the operating pressure to choose the appropriate solenoid valve size.

When selecting the solenoid valve size, other factors such as the material, sealing performance, and working temperature range of the solenoid valve should also be considered. These factors affect the performance and service life of the solenoid valve and should be paid attention to.


After precise calculation, the engineers at Hongsen Machinery provided a solution: using a smaller size solenoid valve. By selecting an appropriately sized solenoid valve, the refrigeration project proceeded smoothly, and the problem was solved. This case tells us that when selecting the size of the solenoid valve, it must be based on the actual refrigeration capacity. An oversize or undersized solenoid valve will affect the solenoid valve's normal operation. Only by selecting the right size can the performance of the solenoid valve and the stable operation of the refrigeration system be ensured.

Hongsen Machinery Can Meet Your Various Needs for Solenoid Valves!

Hongsen Machinery understands the importance of selecting the size of solenoid valves, so we provide solenoid valves of various specifications to meet the needs of different refrigeration projects. Our products are designed with precision and tested rigorously, possessing reliable performance and stable working characteristics. No matter what challenges you face in your refrigeration project, we can provide accurate solutions. Choose the right size for the solenoid valve to ensure the smooth operation of the refrigeration project.

Hongsen Machinery works with you to ensure the smooth operation of the refrigeration system and provide efficiency and convenience for your projects!

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