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Solenoid Valve

HONGSEN Refrigeration system HV model solenoid valve

Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HONGSEN
Model Number:HV
Minimum Order Quantity:100PCS
Packaging Details:HONGSEN box
Payment Terms:TT, LC
Supply Ability:10,000PCS/MONTH

● Model HV Solenoid valve is a one-step on/off or two-step on/off solenoid valve, which is applicable to one-way flow

● The valve seat and seals of Model solenoid valve have excellent sealing performance

● Model HV Solenoid valve could be supplied with coils of varied voltage

● Model HV Solenoid valve could be supplied in assembly or in separate components, that is, the valve body and the coil could be supplied separately


● Only NC type solenoid valve is available

● Coils of various power supply are available for choice

● For 9W solenoid, MOPD is up to 3.1MPa

● For clamping type solenoid valve, it is simple and just need one screwdriver in installation

● It is suitable to various application in freezing, cold storage and air conditioner units

● The sealed coil has a long service life and could be used in adverse circumstances

● Certification: ISO 9001, QS(XK-015-00246), CE, UL

Technical Parameters
Applicable refrigerantsHCFC, HFC and related medium viscosity≤2°E lubricant oil
Applicable medium temperature-30℃~+105℃
Application Ambient Temperature of coil-40℃~+65℃
Standard Voltage of coilAC380V, 220V, 110V, 24V/50, 60Hz, DC12V
Allowable Voltage fluctuation for coil+10%~-15%
Connection of coilStandard 3-wire insert connector
Model Selection



● Used on the piping of liquid, suction gas or hot air on the freezing, cold storage and air conditioner unites

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