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Motorized Regulating Valve

HONGSEN DHV Motorized regulating valve designed for refrigeration system

Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HONGSEN
Model Number:DHV
Minimum Order Quantity:50PCS
Packaging Details:HONGSEN box
Payment Terms:TT, LC
Supply Ability:10,000PCS/MONTH

● DHV(S/D)Motorized Regulating Valve body structure, less leaking point, more reliable

● DHV(S/D)Motorized Regulating Valve adjustable opening, driver control spool position, valve flow adjustable

● DHV(S/D)Motorized Regulating Valve large caliber bistable valve, both normally open valve and normally closed valve

● DHV(S/D)Motorized Regulating Valve can be supplied either as a controller as an individual valve


● Designed for industrial applications, maximum working pressure 5.2 MPa

● Application of new material, direct welding interface, welding performance is good, good resistance to high and low temperature

● Large caliber valve, compact design, light weight

● Bonnet can be installed in any direction without affecting valve function

● Stepper motor drive, good stability(IP 65)

● Bistable design, low energy consumption

● Large opening valve force, garbage is not easy to jam

● The piston stroke is large and the working flow is large

● The controller is equipped with power supply, connected to the standby power supply, and the valve is automatically shut off when the power is cut off

● Welding connection up to

Technical Parameters
Applicable refrigerantHCFC/HFC
Applicable medium temperature-35℃~+105℃
Application Ambient Temperature-35℃~+65℃
Rated power/voltage6w/dc12v
Model Selection



● Used on the refrigeration system. Suitable for low pressure difference or zero pressure difference of the system

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